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Directions: A Practical Drill

Directions: Read the page before doing the questions. Do exactly as instructed. Do not speak or ask a question. Be sure to keep your eyes on your own papers. When you have finished, sit quietly.

Name: _______________________________

  1. Read every instruction before you do anything.
  2. Read instructions carefully
  3. Write your name on the line that says "Name:"
  4. Circle the word "name" in sentence three.
  5. Draw five small squares on the upper left of this page.
  6. Put an "X" in each square.
  7. Put a circle around each square.
  8. Put an X on the right of this page.
  9. Draw a triangle around the X you put down.
  10. Please do only questions 1, 2 and follow the instructions in sentence number three, to complete this drill.

(Modified from the original provided by Prof. Howard R. Lurie, Villanova Law School. )


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