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Directions: A Practical Drill

One of the most common errors made by Jamaican kids and students during exams, is failing to read, understand and follow the examination directions. Test your skills by completing this drill.

Directions: Read the entire exercise before doing anything else. Do exactly as instructed. Under no circumstances are you to speak or ask a question. Be sure to keep your eyes on your own papers. When you have finished, sit quietly until everyone has finished this drill.



Name: _______________________________



  1. Read every instruction before you do anything.
  2. Proceed carefully and cautiously.
  3. Write your name in the designated space provided therefor, below the paragraph that starts with the word "Directions".
  4. Circle the word "name" in sentence three.
  5. Draw five small squares in the supper lefthand corner of this page.
  6. Put an "X" in each square.
  7. Put a circle around each square.
  8. Sign your name in the lower righthand corner of this page.
  9. After your name, write "yes, yes, yes!"
  10. Put a circle around each word in sentence number 8.
  11. Put an X in the lower lefthand corner of this page.
  12. Draw a triangle around the X you put down.
  13. On the reverse side of this page, multiply 703 by 1,850.
  14. Draw a rectangle around the word "page" in sentence number 3.
  15. Snap the fingers of your left hand.
  16. If you think you have followed these directions, write "I have" in the space provided below.
  17. On the reverse side of this page, add 8,950 and 9,850.
  18. Put a circle around your answer. Put a square around the circle.
  19. Shut your eyes for just a few seconds.
  20. Please ignore instructions four through nineteen, and follow the instructions in sentence number three, to complete this drill.

(Modified from the original provided by Prof. Howard R. Lurie, Villanova Law School. )


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