Run a Boat, Jamaican Cooking

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Run a Boat, Jamaican Cooking

I remember when I was young, the days when my siblings and I put money together and bought some flour, corn meal and two pounds of Chicken back. We made curried chicken back and cornmeal dumplings. That was our boat.

This concept of "run a boat" was wide scale in Jamaica, putting what little money you had together, purchased anything to cook or even go and raid our farm, pick some Ackee, buy a chicken and prepare the meal.

We didn't use any formal dinnerware, it was anything clean that we could find to put the food in. This included calabash, large butter dish etc... We didn't sit around a table nor on a bench but rather anything we could find to sit on, a tree stump, an old log, a big rock and even on the ground.

Those were the days. The primary reason was of course to satisfy your huger but the greatest gift was family and friendship.


  • Any thing you want
  • Family of friends


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