Tinking Toe or Stinking Toe

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Tinking Toe (Stinking Toe)


No prizes for guessing what it smells like. The shell is very hard, to open it here is what you do:  Hit it with something very heavy to get to the edible part. It is very dry and the edible part is like a fine dust compacted on the seeds.

Pop the fuzzy covered seeds in your mouth. Give them a good covering of saliva before breathing.


One other warning, the smell is very enduring.  Nobody will want to kiss you after you've eaten this.






Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Hymenaea
Species: courbaril
Synonyms: Hymenaea animifera, H. candolleana, H. multiflora, H. resinifera, H. retusa, H. stilbocarpa, Inga megacarpa
Common Names: Jatoba, jatobá, stinking toe, algarrobo, azucar huayo, jataí, copal, Brazilian copal, courbaril, nazareno, Cayenne copal, demarara copal, gomme animee, pois confiture, guapinol, guapinole, loksi, South American locust
Part Used: Bark, resin, leaves

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